A Healthy Liver: A Cleansing Diet or Healthy Detox Plan Improves Liver Health

A healthy liver can prevent many health and beauty issues.

You can fast-track improvement in your liver health by following a liver cleansing diet, or a fresh juice fast/detox, and incorporating the best liver friendly food choices into your daily diet.

In our modern world today, as we continue to overload our liver with toxins, it becomes increasingly difficult for the liver to filter the blood as it should. These toxins then find their way into our bloodstream causing poor circulation and symptoms of poor liver function.

Did you know a lack of healthy blood flow to the brain is one of the main causes of forgetfulness!

We may also become tired and sluggish, suffer digestive problems, experience body aches, illness, and even depression. All symptoms of an unhealthy liver. We sort of feel like this pool of water.

Polluted pool of water image

So, are you feeling as though your liver may look like the polluted pool?

Ask yourself a few questions like these:

  • Do the foods I love, love me?
  • Do I wake up in the morning feeling energized from the foods I ate the day before, or like I have a food hangover?
  • Do I often have aching in my joints and in my head?
  • Do I feel congested most of the time?
  • Am I happy with my body weight?
  • Am I sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired?!
  • Think about it....

    you should not feel tired and achy all of the time at any age. It's not normal to be tired when you get up in the mornings. A high energy level should not be something we only remember from our childhood. Happiness is not an elusive emotion, and depression is not normal. Friends, please understand that you should definitely not have to medicate yourself to eat a meal, sleep well, feel happy, or lose weight!

    When your liver is healthy, total body health is the result. Digestive problems lessen or may even be eliminated. A healthy body weight can be attained more easily.

    Energy levels should soar; sleep becomes less elusive; your allergy and asthma symptoms may improve, or maybe even go away; and you will maintain a sense of well-being that you don't experience when you have poor liver function.

    Consider this beautiful pool of water your liver when it is healthy and functioning smoothly!

    Beautiful pool of water image

    Please let this inspire and motivate you to make positive changes in your lifestyle to improve your liver health.

    If making changes seems overwhelming at this time, please don't worry.

    The thing I discovered as I have made my own lifestyle changes is that there are three simple and important things to remember while making healthy liver and lifestyle changes:

    1. One day at a time. That is so important to remember. If you start thinking about how much you have to do to implement all of the changes that may be necessary to improve your liver health, you may begin feeling overwhelmed.

      Don't do that. Simply set your mind to it, and start by trying daily, or weekly, to add a new healthy habit to your life such as drinking more water, or walking. Maybe you want to start by eliminating some sugar or drinking less alcohol.

      And if you're wondering if the damage you've done all of these years is beyond repair, consider this: In his book, You, Staying Young, Dr Oz says, "If you perform a good habit for 3 years, the effect on your body is as if you've done it your entire life".

      That is extremely motivating and exciting news!!

    2. Teach by example. Throughout the years, as I made healthy changes and saw the improvements in my liver health and total body health, I have had a tendency to annoy my family and friends by pushing them to make the same changes.

      Don't do that, either, especially when it comes to your children and teenagers. The best way to encourage healthy liver habits among family and friends is to teach by example.

      At first you may (actually, you will!) be ridiculed and even encouraged to forget those healthy changes, but you persevere.

      Eventually they are all going to see the many improvements in your health, happiness, and energy levels, and how you improve your immunity to illness, including your immunity to the infamous common cold.

      That is how you convince them to improve their liver health, not by nagging.

      Please, don't allow anyone to discourage you. Stay positive and encourage them with your shining example!

    3. Drink Smoothies! Smoothies are an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate your daily fruits (and veggies) into your diet.

      Nutrition is so important for good liver health and is especially critical to cancer patients, and survivors. Making and drinking whole food smoothies is one way these patients can consume needed nutrients. Since the food is broken down by the blender (you must have the right blender), it increases absorption.

      Of course this all ties in with proper liver function because the liver can't fight degenerative disease if it isn't receiving proper nutrition.

      Making smoothies is a delicious way to beef up your nutrient intake...and have some serious fun too!

    Why should we cleanse or detoxify our liver?

    We ingest new chemicals and dangerous food additives, use more drugs, eat more sugary and refined foods, and abuse our liver and body daily with stimulants or sedatives.

    Cancer and cardiovascular diseases are on the rise; arthritis, allergies, obesity, and skin problems are also increasing; and many other symptoms of poor liver function such as headaches, fatigue, pains, gastrointestinal problems, immune weaknesses, sexual diseases, and psychological distress are being seen by doctors in record numbers.

    Most everyone needs to cleanse or detoxify their liver and rest their body from time to time. How you approach this is up to you.

    Any positive changes you make will improve your liver and total body health. Some simple healthy guidelines can help you make improvements slowly and steadily.

    Your liver and your colon are your body’s major detoxification organs, responsible for helping your body to process waste and toxins while metabolizing nutrients. As such, they are exposed to a host of harmful environmental and daily toxins. You can cleanse your liver with natural herbal supplements and sweep your colon clear using fiber.

    Many people are turning to a diet of raw foods, especially people with food and other allergies.

    The Raw Food Diet is cleansing and detoxifying by nature. Here's a great tip I found about ADDING things to your diet instead of taking things away- it's called, 'The Principle of Inclusion'. It gives you a whole new mindset on "dieting"- no more focusing on the things you can't have!

    A serious plus when eating a diet of predominantly raw food, is the amount of fiber you will be consuming on a daily basis. Eating a diet high in healthy fiber is extremely important to your liver and digestive health.

    If you'd like to learn more about the importance of fiber in your diet, I highly recommend that you visit the Fiber Foods Coach. This website offers high fiber food lists and recipes.

    Changing your diet to a Mediterranean style diet can be very beneficial to your liver health. It offers a varied diet of foods that are inexpensive and don't have to be purchased at a health food store. The Mediterranean diet is easily incorporated into a healthy liver lifestyle.

    A six to eight week liver cleansing diet can help restore your liver and improve many symptoms of poor liver function in a short amount of time.

    Many people opt for a liver detoxification plan such as a fresh juice fast. It can definitely improve the health of your liver "fast", but you need to be aware of the temporary side effects of fasting, especially if you have any sort of chronic health condition.

    You may want to start making healthy liver changes by gradually adding some liver friendly food choices to your daily diet, or drinking more water every day.

    Eliminating trans fats (aka, hydrogenated oils) is an excellent step toward a healthy liver.

    Fast foods are a huge source of trans fats. You can learn more by checking out Fast Food and Nutrition Facts. This site is all about showing us how to live a better and healthier life by changing our diet. They also offer some good information on quality supplementation, and about natural remedies that have been around for hundreds of years.

    Drinking less soda each day and avoiding those energy drinks would be another good project to consider on the path to improved liver health.

    Another great place to start is using less sugar in your diet. I started by lowering the amount of sugar I used in my coffee by one teaspoon each week. When I began I was using three! Now I try to stick with a cinnamon stick or a half teaspoon sugar.

    It's easy to see how trying to make all of these healthy liver changes at the same time could be completely overwhelming!

    That's the reason that it is important to go one day at a time making gradual improvements here and there until you reach your goal of liver and total body health.

    Healthy Living Tips offers some surprisingly simple ways to stay healthy. Just follow these healthy living tips and good health is yours.

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    Detox is very imortant for a hearty, healthy lifestyle. The accumulated toxins inside your body must be cleared for it to function well.

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