Disease Prevention Depends on Good Liver Health

A healthy liver is your most important weapon in disease prevention. It's time to learn how good liver health can prevent degenerative disease, and how your mental and emotional health are involved.

When you think of disease prevention and aging you probably don't think, "Better go get that liver checked out".

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People often think about heart health, brain function, and even lung health, but seldom about the liver's health.

It's really ironic, because if your liver is not functioning well those organs that get so much concern aren't going to function well either!

A healthy liver is critical to your health, your well being, to how well you age and to disease prevention.

Most of the meat and poultry we purchase at the local supermarket has been injected at some point with drugs, hormones, and/or antibiotics; we use prescription and over-the-counter medications often daily to treat various symptoms of illness; pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals are used in food production, processing, and storage; we're exposed to environmental toxins daily; not to mention substance and alcohol abuse, and all of the responsibility for filtering all of these toxins that enter our bodies, goes to the liver.

So why are we so surprised to see so many people living lives that are compromised by degenerative diseases, liver diseases, mental diseases, and emotional health issues?

Basically, if the liver is not working properly, or becomes overloaded, it can't filter the toxic build up in our system. This in turn produces inflammation. Proper functioning of your liver’s detoxification system is critically important for your body’s ability to prevent disease.

I know, pretty depressing information so far, right? Good News! When properly working, a healthy liver will clear about 99% of the bacteria, fungi, parasites and other toxins that might be in your bloodstream trying to cause disease! Wow!

You may have heard of Juicing For Health. The food that you allow to enter into your body, will determine the health of every cell and organ in your body.

Allowing the proper foods to dominate your diet can help the body in its efforts to build muscle, lose unwanted pounds, cleanse and heal itself, and in some cases, particular foods can strengthen the immune system and lessen the risks of serious illness.

Juicing can be very beneficial in fighting off degenerative diseases.

Now once you start cleaning out your insides, remember to also work on your outer environment. Our outer environment plays as much a role in our state of health as the inner environment, and what we put into them is what we become.

You of course have heard the old adage: We are what we eat. I would add, we are also what we do. In your plan to detox your liver, consider also what you are absorbing from your immediate environment and incorporate (step by step) these 6 Easy Ways to Detox Your Home to prevent absorption of harmful environmental chemicals.

Degenerative Diseases

The following list includes some of the more common diseases that can be prevented, or possibly improved upon, by improving and maintaining liver health:

  • Disease Related to the Heart and Circulatory System. The American Heart Association has some excellent information on their website to educate people in all areas of cardiovascular health.
  • High Blood Pressure(Although this relates to heart disease, it is so common I felt I should list it separately.)
  • All Cancers
  • Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid Diseases
  • Lung or Respiratory Diseases
  • Periodontal Disease or Gingivitis
  • Sleep Deprivation

Mental and Emotional Health Issues

Mental and emotional health issues and liver health are closely connected. Good emotional health strengthens the liver, and good liver health can prevent or possibly improve mental health problems. Mental and emotional health problems include:

Liver Diseases

There are several diseases of the liver that can impair the smooth function of the liver's cleansing duties. Here are some of the more common liver diseases:

  • Gallbladder Disease and Gall Stones
  • Hepatitis A, B, and C
  • Cirrhosis
  • Fatty Liver Disease
  • Hemochromatosis
  • Gilbert's Syndrome
  • Wilson's Disease

Now that you realize the importance of the liver in disease prevention please continue to explore this website. If you have concern about, or have been diagnosed with, a certain physical or mental health issue you will want to review the information in the Diet & Detox section and check out the healthy liver guidelines.

It is extremely important that you understand how to take care of your liver so you and your loved ones can live a long, fulfilling life without the worry of degenerative disease.

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