This Is About Me and How I Became The Liverguru....

....and created a website to acheive my goals

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My name is Dee. It's short for Dewanna. This page is about how I became the Liverguru.

Why would I choose to be called a "Liver"guru?

My personal opinion from my studies and research is that your total body health, physically and mentally (and even emotionally), is dependent upon a healthy liver.

What would qualify me to be a Liverguru?

I have been studying and reading about nutrition, supplementation, and healthy lifestyles for over 18 years. In 2006 I received my certification as a nutritional consultant from Trinity College of Natural Health and have continued to study.

What is my goal as the Liverguru?

I am an energetic and optimistic forty-ish woman, but I am not an extreme "health nut". I haven't even had a bad cold in years. You don't have to go to extremes to live a healthy lifestyle. Most likely you just need to do a little "tweaking" to your current lifestyle.

Each day I hear people complaining about low energy levels, daily body aches and headaches, high blood pressure and worse.

Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue seem to be the norm for many women my age and younger!

Many men are concerned about erectile dysfunction and circulatory problems, men that are barely middle-aged!

I hear the health care issues being discussed on the news and it completely disgusts me! Just remember that no one, including the government, cares about your health more than you.

And why is it that everyone just assumes all senior citizens are going to be on prescription medication for the remainder of their years?!

If you want to live and love your life on your terms, you must take control of your personal health situation.

My goal? To help you to improve and maintain your health by improving liver health and quality of life. If we are all healthy and happy then health care issues and prescription costs won't be a concern. And, we won't end up making our families crazy in our old age, or end up in a nursing facility without being able to care for ourselves.

My Path to Health Enlightenment

I've always been active, but my real interest in health and nutrition came at the age of 26 when I was pregnant with my first child. I couldn't get enough chocolate milk, ice cream, tator tots with cheese, and chocolate candy. You don't have to worry about getting fat when you're pregnant, right?


My pre-pregnancy weight was normal (around 120 pounds) and although I had only gained around 20 pounds, at almost 6 months into the pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

I had to see a nutritionist and fortunately my diabetes was controlled with the proper diet. Of course, they forgot to warn me how much bigger that baby would be!

Most often gestational diabetes disappears after pregnancy, but fifty percent of those women will develop type 2 diabetes later in life.

Since Type 2 Diabetes is very prominent on my mother's side of the family I decided to start researching. It was also important to me to eat healthy foods because I was breastfeeding my child.

Two years later I was pregnant again. This diabetes! (And a much easier delivery!)

After reading many, many books on various nutritional subjects and experimenting on myself with a multitude of supplements over the next few years, I decided to get serious and enrolled in Trinity College of Natural Health's Certified Nutritional Consultant program.

I completed the program and received my certification in the fall of 2006.

The Discovery of SBI and My Dream Becomes Reality


A few years ago my husband, who was a self-employed plumber was seriously injured. I had spent the previous eighteen years raising our children, working as a plumber's helper, and keeping books for our business, with a few odd jobs here and there when business was slow.

Like many people who are self-employed, we hadn't put much money back for retirement or savings, and the recent slow economy had made things even worse.

I was fortunate to find full time employment close to home and to find SBI! We needed another stream of income and I desperately wanted to share my knowledge and passion about healthy lifestyles with people.

So, I created a plan:

  • Build a website, so I can get sincere, helpful, and honest information about the importance and benefits of liver health out to people everywhere.
  • Learn how to earn an income with this website.
  • Offer a variety of simple, healthy recipes and tips to help people convert to a healthier lifestyle.

This plan had me so excited! For about three months I researched information about building websites. I read about affiliate marketing, google ads, PPCs, URLs, HTML, SEOs, links, keywords, tracking your data, search engine marketing, directories, social networking, and on, and on.

Let me tell you......I (the optimist) was getting worried.

I felt as though it would be impossible for me to build and maintain a website. I had no idea where to start or how to do all of those things.

Then one day I was reading one of those articles about building a website, and the article discussed how this certain web host "takes you by the hand" and guides you through the process of building an informative website.

From determining the subject to producing an income! It was such a detailed list of website building tools that I had to read it many times over because I was certain that there were going to be extra charges, for necessary services that they offered, beyond the initial cost.

There was not!

I researched this web host for over two weeks. I couldn't afford to purchase their product and then not be able to understand how to build the site. I also couldn't afford hidden fees or purchasing additional items to complete the process.

Finally, I did it!

My Purpose in Life?

I've always been told that you will know when you find your special "purpose" in life. I'm not talking about raising children and taking care of your family. Of course that is THE most important purpose, or responsibility, of any parent.

I'm talking about you, personally, and that desire in your soul to "make a difference" doing something you truly love to do! It often lies dormant inside of you until middle age, or even longer. I believe some people are so busy making a living that they never even acknowledge this desire inside of themselves, and yet there are some who know from childhood.

All I know for sure is when you are doing what you love to do, it doesn't even seem like work. You look forward to it everyday and it gives you a feeling of happiness and well being.

So, imagine my excitement when I found out that I could work at something I enjoy so passionately, and produce an income while doing it! I could do this even while working full time elsewhere.

SBI! Passion Logo Image

The web host that helped me achieve this goal is called Site Build It!, or SBI!. They have walked me through the process of building this website step by step. Just as I would start worrying about how I was going to do something there would be instructions on how to do it!

This website is still growing and evolving. It also helped me secure my "dream" job as supplement manager/buyer for a fabulous health food store, on the Gulf coast, in a small beachside community in Florida! During our transition to our new home I had to take several months off from Liverguru, but my site's growth continued. I look forward to working on it at every opportunity.

I am still learning about website building, and maintenance but I am completely confident that I can do this and be successful thanks to the help of the SBI! company.

What is Your Passion?

My passion is nutrition and helping people with their liver health, but you can do what I'm doing with any passion, hobby, skill, area of expertise... whatever it is that makes you happy. And you can do it in your "spare" time!

You need no programming skills or web design knowledge, no business and no product to sell. Just bring your knowledge and motivation. SBI has all the tools you need, and they take you by the hand and teach you step by step how to use everything.

They help you to find the perfect topic for your site, to build it, to get traffic to it, and then they even teach you how to make money with it, no matter what it is about!

(And something else.....all of your business "research" and "expenses" are tax deductible!)

If you have an idea, but have questions about getting started please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions. If I don't know the answer I will put you in contact with someone who does.

Do you want more information about building your own website? Click here to learn more about Site Build It!

Here's to Your Passion!

Your Liverguru,

Dewanna Abshure, CNC

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