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Health and Happiness....two major factors that affect our quality of life. Why do these two things seem so elusive to many people?

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In my opinion it is very difficult to have one without the other. Think about it...can you really be happy if you feel bad all of the time? And, it's difficult to focus on healthy habits when you aren't happy, don't you think?

Personally, when I'm "down in the dumps" I don't want to be active, social, nor do I want healthy foods.

If you want to live and love your life on your terms, you must take control of your personal health situation! Would you believe a healthy liver can have a huge impact on your health and happiness? _____________________________________________________________________

Throughout this site you will find articles and information on nutrition, physical activity, and living simply. The main focus is on creating and maintaining a healthy liver.

Do you love your liver? A healthy liver is key to a healthy, happy life. We often think about heart health, brain function, mental and sexual health, or lung health, but seldom about the liver's health.

This is really ironic, because if your liver is not functioning well, those organs that get so much concern aren't going to function well either!

Anxiety and depression also increase with poor health which creates a vicious cycle in which the more anxious or depressed you are, the worse your health gets; the worse your health gets, the more anxiety and depression you are likely to experience!

With the extreme costs of health care, the excessive use of prescription drugs, and the chaos when it comes to health care issues, it is more important than ever to maintain our health.

The number of health issues associated with poor liver function is shocking to most people.

How do you know if your liver is healthy? Go to the liver checklist and review the symptoms of poor liver health. Once you complete and review the liver checklist I invite you to explore and learn how to cleanse and support your liver, so it can do the same for you! No "liver cleansing kits" required.

How will this website benefit you?

  • Improve your energy level, immunity, metabolism, mood, and sex life
  • Provide you with healthy, inexpensive, simple ways of eating
  • Offer tips and information on including daily physical activity, peace, and simplicity into your life

How can you stay informed? By subscribing to the RSS Feed on the top left margin you can stay informed of any new information or recipes added to

I am thrilled you are here, and I look forward to being a part of the positive changes you are about to experience!

Thank you for visiting, and here's to your Health and Happiness!

Your LiverGuru,

Dee Abshure, CNC


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The Healthy Liver, Healthy Life Blog
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A Healthy Liver : The Definition of Wellness
A healthy liver fights infection,cleanses blood,helps digest food,and stores energy for when you need it. It can also regenerate! But if it can't do it's job,your life could be at risk.
A Healthy Liver: A Cleansing Diet or Healthy Detox Plan Improves Liver Health
A healthy liver can prevent many serious health and beauty issues. Fast-track improvement in your liver function with a cleansing diet or fast, and the right food choices.
Overeating: An Epidemic of Western Society
Overeating actually contributes to physical symptoms that many people are treated for daily, such as undereye circles, fatigue, joint pain, acne and acid reflux!
Supplementation: Your Weapon Against Nutritional Deficiencies
Supplementation? Yes! The Journal of the American Medical Association today is advising all adults to take at least one multivitamin pill each day.
Vital to Athletes: A Healthy Liver
A healthy liver is essential for athletes. A healthy liver is required to build muscle, burn fat, and provide energy.
Healthy Children Grow to be Healthy, Happy Adults
Raising healthy children means teaching them to appreciate a healthy lifestyle from the beginning. You can't just tell them they have to respect their liver health. What's the best teaching method?
A Healthy Liver: Your Anti-Aging Tool!
A healthy liver should be every woman's top health priority to avoid PMS,menopausal,and emotional issues. Low energy ,slow metabolism,and cellulite are also symptoms of an unhealthy liver.
A Healthy Liver: Man's Best Friend
Healthy liver function in men will assist with weight loss,sexual function,increasing energy level,and preventing disease and digestive disorders.
Disease Prevention Depends on Good Liver Health
A healthy liver is your most important weapon in disease prevention. It's time to learn how good liver health can prevent degenerative disease, and how your mental and emotional health are involved.
Organ Donation: Giving Life to Others
Organ donation is a modern miracle that gives ordinary people the ultimate opportunity to make a difference in another person's life. Learn how to become a donor.
Recipes for a Healthy Liver and Healthy Body
A healthy liver thrives on healthy foods. Check out the Liverguru's recipe section. You will find that you can feed your family healthy, tasty food and stay on budget!
Nutrition Labels Exposed!
Do you read nutrition labels when shopping for groceries? If not, START NOW! Read this to understand how to interpret those confusing and often misleading labels.
Check Out These Guru Approved Websites
Check out these life-enhancing websites by clicking on their link. These websites have been reviewed and approved by the Liverguru.
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SBI! Creating an income while doing what you enjoy. Read this page if you are looking for a way to earn an income doing something you love. Finally a home-based business that doesn't require selling

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